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Nefertiti Ressurected: Was the body found in the tomb Nefertiti?

Posted in Ancient Egypt on January 29, 2009 by woodly11

To me I think that the body  archaeoligists found is Nefertiti. There  are many clues that were found that can prove that the body is Nefertiti. Historians say that Nefertiti was a powerful queen that though liked by many, was still hated by others. Historians have concluded that when Nefertiti was killed, the killers smashed her face in and all the items that had her face to stop her from reaching the holy place after death. Shown in the movie one of the bodies was badly beaten and had scars that resemble the information of the historians. These researchers also found out that queens of ancient egypt all wore a special wig on their heads. And in the movie near the body was a wig that resembled the special wig that historians talked about.

There was a few other clues found that also help Fletcher an archaelogist conclude that the body found was Nefertiti. Fletcher on her examination also knew of the piercings that Nefertiti had. Nefertiti was known to have two piercings on each ear and once Fletcher saw that the examined body had two piercings on each ear it was clear to Fletcher that the body was probably Nefertiti. Another supporting evidence to my opinion is that in the tomb where I think Nefertiti’s body was there was two other bodies that were discovered to be Nefertiti’s family members. So how many more clues do you need, you can clearly see that the body in the tomb is Nefertiti.



Neolithic Revolution: Why was it important?

Posted in Paleolithic and Neolithic World on January 27, 2009 by woodly11

The Neolithic Revolution was important because it contributed to advancing our cultures and the way we live today. The Neolithic Revolution was a period when our first farmers developed, which allowed people to become food producers. Once the people learned to create a constant system of developing food the populations grew which helped our world substantially. Farming helped solve the problems of starvation and increased the survival rate.

With the invention of Farming followed other great techniques and systems. To help farmers organize the harvest seasons of farming, farmers created the first calendar that not only helped the farming, but also helped organize civilization. With less time spent on hunting and gathering, Neolithic people created weaving and clothes. Now these days clothes are worn by mostly everybody in the world. Another technique that the Neolithic people invented was taming animals. Taming animals reduced the constant waiting for migrating animals to return each year, and the animals provided a good source of proteins. Also used today, the technique of taming animals is not only used as a source of food, but as a way to control pets.

In Conclusion the Neolithic Revolution was a major period for people in this world. It created a new way of living for many people and helped advance the way people survived. The Neolithic Revolution created many inventions still used today such as calendars, farming, clothes, and domesticating. Without the Neolithic Revolution the world and the people wouldn’t be the way it is.