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Battle of Thermopylae

Posted in Ancient Greece on March 12, 2009 by woodly11

By Woodly Sineus

The battle of Thermopylae is one of the great battles in the war between Greece and Persia. The Greek city-state of Sparta led the battle against the persians despite only having three hundred men compared to Persia’s million of men. The way these Spartans were able to do this was by using the geography of the pass of Thermopylae to there advantage. This pass allowed only a number of people to get through at a time which made the Persians large number seem like nothing. Sparta led by King Leonidas had  great weapons , equipments and had a great battle plan to defeat a large number of the Persian army.

The Spartans used there unique formations and shields to block many of the Persian spear attacks and with their childhood training it was not hard for them to win hand- to- hand combats. The Persians continued to try to persuade Leonidas and the Spartans to surrender to them but Leonidas relentlessly rejected their offers. By the second day of battle it seemed like the greeks were going to win their navy were winning, and the spartans were doing fine until something suprising happened.

After the second day a greek man named Ephialtes betrayed the greeks. This man went to the Persian king Xerxes and revealed a secret path that allowed them to go behind the Spartan line. After finding out about this betrayel Leonidas sent his allies, The Phosians, to attack the Persians on the journey allong the secret path. Ironically the phosians had a belief that the persians might attack their home town so they left before the Persians even reached their area which gave the Persians a clear path to attack. Once Leonidas became aware of what had occured he released some people to go home and stayed for the battle with his three hundred spartans and a couple other greek warriors. Though they fought hard Leonidas and his men were killed and battle and Persia took over Athens. But after a few years the Greeks returned and defeated Xerxes and the Persians.